Foresight Group

A sustainability-led alternative investment manager with £11.9bn* of assets under management.

*Based on unaudited AUM as at 31 March 2024.


Why invest in Foresight Group Holdings Limited?

Through our three core investment divisions, Infrastructure, Private Equity and Foresight Capital Management, we target attractive returns from hard-to-access private markets for institutional and private investors. We have built a track record of developing sustainable and innovative products, scaling existing investment funds and delivering excellent investment performance, all contributing to profitable growth and total returns.


Specialist in sustainability-led international infrastructure and regional UK&I private equity.

Foresight is a “pure-play” sustainable alternative asset manager, operating across three core divisions.


The resilience of Foresight’s robust business model is primarily a function of product, geographic and investor diversification.

This business model has driven Foresight’s strong track record of performance through economic cycles, across both private and public vehicles, which in turn facilitates consistent fundraising from a diverse international investor base.


Foresight’s revenue model provides transparency on revenue generation over the short to medium term.

This model empowers the business to make enhanced decisions based on the high degree of certainty of future revenue flows.


Foresight’s purpose of investing for a smarter future has driven the Group’s sustainable investment strategy for a number of years across both international infrastructure and regional UK&I private equity.

Historic leadership in these key markets has ensured that Foresight is ideally positioned to benefit from the increasing sustainability focus of investors, corporations and governments around the world.


Our existing strategies are already reaping the benefits of scale, as we can increase the size of our investments and create operational leverage. This increased scale, combined with effective cost management, has led to positive margin expansion for the Group.

Looking ahead, there is significant potential to unlock additional scale benefits through second and third vintage funds.


Post our stock market listing in February 2021, Foresight’s increasingly diversified business model has consistently delivered on, or exceeded, our four ambitious strategic growth targets:

  • 20-25% average AUM growth, over a rolling three year period
  • 85-90% recurring revenue
  • 43% Core EBITDA pre-SBP margin over medium term
  • 60% dividend payout