Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Foresight, our guiding principle is "Succeed Today, Shape Tomorrow." We prioritise Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives as an integral part of our values. We understand the significance of DE&I in creating a successful and forward thinking company culture.

At Foresight, inclusion and diversity is about recognising and valuing the differences we each bring to the workplace. It's one of the most important components of any business, and continues to be an important focus for us.

Our people have a diverse range of skills, backgrounds, and experiences and we value the creativity and innovation that results. 

Our commitment to DE&I is an ongoing journey, as we regularly assess and refine our policies to meet the evolving needs of our workforce. By embracing DE&I, we empower our employees, drive innovation and shape a better future for Foresight and the communities we serve. This commitment is demonstrated in our new DE&I strategy ‘Thrive’ which sets out not only what we plan to achieve but how.

Our Commitment

While conversations around inclusion and discrimination are being amplified on the global stage, it is our priority to empower staff and contribute to generating similar attitudes in respect of equality, diversity, social mobility, flexible working and inclusion in the workplace and the wider community. We believe in the importance of diversity to change a culture and sustain a business and are committed to a variety of initiatives that help to create change.

Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

Women in Finance

The Diversity Project

Investing in Women

Workplace Flexibility

People and Wellbeing

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Community Outreach

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