Hydrogen: Our Strategy

Investing into impactful hydrogen solutions in hard to abate sectors

Compelling and timely market opportunity

Stable Policy Environment 

Recent legislation across many regions provides confidence this is a pivotal and timely moment to invest in hydrogen

Significant Growth 

175x growth is projected in low carbon hydrogen production globally between 2022 and 2050

Funding Requirement

 €268bn is required to finance hydrogen projects announced but not yet through final investment decision (FID) through to 2030

Our Investment Strategy

Current Investments

Our recent investments in the UK and Germany encompass scalable platforms exhibiting strong value growth potential


Foresight invested into the German developer HH2E AG along with the signing of a development funding agreement. An investment recognised as “Outstanding New Markets Deal” of 2023 by Inspiratia.

HH2E is developing a number of hydrogen projects across Germany which will provide hydrogen and steam to industrial and municipal offtakers

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Foresight, Progressive Energy and Statkraft have formed a JV to develop multiple green hydrogen projects delivering 200MW with further opportunities to expand beyond that.

Central to the portfolio is the proposed 30 MW Cheshire Green Hydrogen project, which will use renewable electricity from Foresight’s managed Frodsham wind farm in Cheshire to power the electrolysers

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Our team

We have an experienced team of professionals with an investment track record in hydrogen, complemented by a dedicated portfolio management team that brings substantial expertise in hydrogen-related ventures.

This comprehensive approach ensures that our team is well-equipped to navigate and capitalise on the dynamic landscape of the evolving hydrogen market.

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