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Long Lasting. Positive Impact.

At Foresight Sustainability Partnering (FSP), our mission revolves around transforming sustainability into tangible and lasting positive influences within organisations. Our primary focus centers on individuals within the business and organisational culture.

With FSP, our experts seamlessly become an integral part of your organisation. Leveraging their knowledge and expertise, they work to cultivate and integrate a sustainable culture. This transformative shift not only acts as a magnet for top-tier talent but also effectively retains and engages current employees. This provides everyone with the opportunity to enact lasting, positive change within their role.

We specialise in constructing frameworks that lay the foundation for a well-defined and actionable strategy. This strategy is designed to be shared across all levels, both internally and externally.


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ELEVATE is a women in leadership programme crafted by accomplished women.

ELEVATE transcends the notion of a simple programme; it's a transformative journey designed for ambitious and motivated women, extending from management level and beyond. It empowers women with the essential insights, mindset, skills, and self-assurance for truly excelling within leadership roles.

Our next course will be running from September to December 2024. Please direct all course enquiries to

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