Investing for a smarter future

We are a sustainability-led alternative assets and SME investment manager. We manage £11.9 billion* for some of the world’s largest institutional investors, private and high net-worth individuals.

We challenge the norm and understand the role sustainable investing can play in evolving established markets, creating new ones and generating long-term value and impact.

We use our insight, expertise and guidance to actively manage assets, create flexible and innovative investment solutions for some of the largest institutional investors, and make complex investment products available to all.

At Foresight, we aren’t just looking for short-terms returns. We’re investing for a smarter future.

*Based on unaudited AUM as at 31 March 2024.

Who we are

We are a sustainability-led alternative assets and SME investment manager. We offer our diverse investor base a range of bespoke products, tailored to suit their needs.

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What we do

Our three core investment divisions are designed to create a resilient, decarbonised world and to deliver high quality jobs that will power tomorrow's economy.

Investment Approaches

Why we do it

Being a responsible business involves more than just creating positive impacts through the deployment of capital. Underpinning our investments are core sustainability and ESG focus areas.


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Foresight Group Holdings; Investing for a smarter future. Complementary infrastructure and private equity strategies underpinned by a focus on sustainability and ESG. Find out how you can be part of the journey.