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Why a Strong Investment Strategy is Key to Achieving Successful SME Exits

Matt Pomroy, a Director in our Private Equity team, joined Paul Francis-Grey of Actum, to discuss our investment planning process, and how we add value to promising SMEs.

Typically, we’re the first Private Equity firm to work with an SME. Companies are often unaware of the level of involvement that an investor can bring. For example, implementing new processes and practices - to maximise the efficiency and value of a business’ operations – and helping companies expand into new products and markets. Matt noted, “There are occasions where companies have traded for 20 years but only assess its accounts annually instead of monthly, or do not have in place a business or strategic plan”.

Matt discusses how ESG considerations are at the core of our approach to SME investing. ESG best practices are introduced during the initial decision-making process and continue throughout the investment period. We evaluate, monitor and encourage our portfolio companies to develop their sustainability and ESG standards across five key areas: awareness, environmental, social engagement, governance, and third-party.

When it comes to exiting an SME, Matt comments on how we support our portfolio to continue their growth journeys with international buyers or larger mid-market PE firms.

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